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“The Tortured” is new thriller movie. It is produced by Carl Mazzocone, Mark Burg, Oren Koules, Marek Posival. Movie is directed by Robert Lieberman and written by Marek Posivall. Watch online The Tortured movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX, All Qualities are HereMovie Review (Synopsis): Craig and Elise had all the ingredients for an ideal life: a great marriage, a wonderful five-year-old son, a charming home and a bright future.Then, on one sunny day, their perfect world is irrevocably shattered . Leaving their five year old son, Ben, alone for only a moment, Craig is horrified to see him being abducted from their own front yard. Sadly, the desperate police search for the kidnapper proves to be in vain when the child is found dead. Craig is wracked with guilt and Elise cannot forgive him. Their relationship crumbles under the strain and Elise moves out – leaving each of them alone in their private hell.

Months later, a chance tip leads police to the suspect’s door, catching him red-handed with another victim. Although Ben’s murderer is soon brought to trial, the grieving parents are stunned when his sentence is considerably reduced by a plea bargain. Utterly shocked and reunited by their outrage, Craig and Elise agree that they cannot live another day until they rectify this miscarriage of justice. Together they decide to seek their own retribution, hatching a plot to kidnap the man and subject him to the same monstrous acts he perpetrated against their helpless son. In Rutland Country, the six year-old Benjamin Michael Landry is kidnapped by a psychopath in the lawn of his house. His father Craig Landry unsuccessfully runs after the truck but the abductor escapes. Sooner the police discovers that John Kozlowski had abducted and killed Benjamin. When the criminal is sentenced to 25 years in prison only, Benjamin’s mother Elise Landry presses her husband to kidnap John and torture him. Craig is a doctor and knows exactly how to inflict pain to the psychopath. They succeed to kidnap John from the prison transport, but Craig has an accident and John is hurt. The couple tortures the man until they find the truth about their victim. Movie Revolves arround husband and wife, who takes matters into their own hands after the killer of their son, is given a lighter sentence than he deserves. Instead of killing him, they decide to perpetrate the same torture inflicted on their son, but soon realize of the unforeseen consequences that challenge their ideas of vengeance, justice and the true nature of evil. This movie does a great job of telling the story they set out to tell. The film goes in a direction you expect on some levels, but also manages to veer off into some unexpected places. There is a pretty quick set up that keeps the movie moving and helps get the film to the point really quick. There are some fairly graphic moments, but are necessary for the message this film is trying to convey. Everyone gives great performances and with the exception of the film being a bit dark on the lighting side at times works really well. What seems like a pretty straight forward film became something really good with some great unexpected twists. This isn’t a completely original story, but its execution and plot twists give it the new life it needed to work. So mom and dad can’t handle the death of their only child but instead of letting the justice system do it’s thing they decide to take matters into their own hands. They hatch a plot to intercept the killer’s prison transport and overtake it. Mom and dad suddenly turn from grieving parents into expert hijackers. They disable the transport and incapacitate the two armed guards and extract our child killer. The whole of the rest of the film is mom and dad torturing this guy in a house out in the woods. It just so happens that mom does some real estate dealings on the side and she was able to score this perfectly secluded home, perfect for taking someone into it’s basement, tying them up to a gurney, and torturing the shit out of them for days on end. Download The Tortured  movie online watch The Tortured  free movie download movie The Tortured  free film The Tortured  Watch The Tortured  online movie Watch latest movie The Tortured  download The Tortured  movie free online The Tortured  movie to download The Tortured  film download The Tortured  movie download free movie The Tortured  watch film The Tortured  watch The Tortured  movie online stream download The Tortured  free online The Tortured  movie full length free full length The Tortured  movie online Watch The Tortured movie without downloading download The Tortured movie full in all formats quality download The Tortured movie full in HDDVDDiVxIPOD quality watch tv tv shows tv series Characters are playing roles: Erika Christensen is playing as Elise Landry Jesse Metcalfe is playing as Craig Landry Bill Lippincott is playing as Galligan Bill Moseley is playing as John Kozlowski Fulvio Cecere is playing as Detective Berger Thomas Greenwood is playing as Ben Landry Stephen Park is playing as Man in condo Samantha Gutstadt is playing as Woman in Condo Zak Santiago is playing as Younger Cop Alfonso Quijada is playing as Clerk John R. Taylor is playing as Pastor (as John Taylor) Viv Leacock is playing as Officer Patterson Darryl Scheelar is playing as Officer Alvarez Peter Abrams is playing as Judge Stanley Paul Herbert is playing as Baliff


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